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Family matters can bring about hardships that make emotions flair. Family Violence claims, Temporary Protective Orders, Divorce Proceedings, Custody Battles, and Child Support are just some of the issues that bring families into the court system.

Having a resource and an advocate to guide you through the process is essential to a positive outcome. We can help you protect your interests, yourself, your children, and your assets.  Here at Coxen & Worthington, LLC, we counsel you through the hard times and make you aware of both your rights and obligations. With every client, we listen to their concerns, discuss all options, and help them make the decision that is right for them and their family.

We find that clients appreciate the personal attention that we give to their case. Family is usually the most important thing in our lives. These matters are very delicate and we understand that one moment or one decision can change your life forever.  We do our best to help you to manage the stress, get you through the process, and concentrate on the outcome.

Examples of Areas of Representation:
•    Divorce
•    Contempt
•    Temporary Protective Order
•    Child Support Modification
•    Child Custody Modification
•    Deprivation
•    Legitimation
•    Paternity